FCC Activities on the Localism Front

FCC Activities on the Localism Front
Subsequent to release of its recent Report & Order and NPRM on
Broadcast Localism, the Commission is taking steps to increase
the availability of broadcast information to the public. First, as
directed in the Localism R&O, the FCC’s Media Bureau revised
and released an updated version of “The Public and
Broadcasting.” This publication contains information about FCC
rules and policies, including those related to broadcasters’
responsibilities to their local communities. FCC rules require the
most recent version of this publication to be placed in the
broadcaster’s public inspection file. Licensees must also provide
a copy to any member of the public who requests one. If you
have not already placed the new version in your public file, you
should do so immediately. This publication may be accessed via
calling the FCC at 1-888-225-5322 or on its website: