Leightronix Ultra Nexus Video server


Well we got our Nexus in and its up and running, this has eliminated recording satellite programs to tape, (to ingest in our other server) in MCR, to time shift. We also have a 360 video server that we Control by GPO/GPI from the Nexus using an add on interface. The Nexus right now is doing the on air switching and sending play commands to the 360 and switching to this also. The old Matco 204B automation is in the background now as a router and to control VCR’s if needed. We ingest everything to servers, but hot switch to CTN satellite feed for some programs. On the Nexus you have 6 inputs and 3 outputs. You also have two internal MPEG players so in reality you have 8 inputs. You also have 1 Mpeg internal recorder.

You may be interested in some of the setup involved. I would like to talk about that and cover operation later. First off its unbalanced RCA stereo audio, we run it a -10db in/out, all six inputs need the correct audio level, so this may involve DA’s or rack mount line drivers ( a good one is like bands use it has meters). A line level Compressor/Limiter on outputs (at least main program) will allow the output level to be set. The Six inputs besides being able to switch on air are used for recordings on your schedule or manual ingest, that is why its important to have the audio levels correct, +4 balanced audio is way hot so run it through the correct DA or as I said rack mount line mixer, after you get all levels set by taking manual control you can walk down the line to check audio levels just make sure the output is hooked to a meter reading -10 (or -20 for that matter).

The same goes for the video set all DA’s or TBC Frame syncs to 100 IRE or less.

What of a manual ingest channel? Here is what we have, Input 1- Satellite (Sat 1), Input 2- 360 playback channel 2 (360 VS), Input 3- Satellite 3 (Sat 3), Input 4- 360 Playback Channel 3 (360 VS), Input 5- Satellite 5 (Sat 5), Input 6- Satellite 6 (Sat 6).
Input 7 is internal Mpeg1, Input 8 is internal Mpeg 2.

Here you see the first compromise, remember the inputs are used for recording, you can select any input and record on schedule, and they are used for over air switching. Two roles. We don’t record much on Sat 3, so its hooked to an external router we have, that way we can bring in what ever is on external router to ingest, Tapes DVD’s, Ect. Its manual control BTW on this old router, no problem as this is manual ingest.
So Input 3 needs a little more, it needs a audio mixer compressor on input, what ever you prefer, to set ingest level, and in an ideal word a TBC to correct color video level on ingest. (Many shows need no correction as they are already setup right BUT audio.).

Here is where things get interesting, there is no Genlock on internal MPEG players, So in our case the Sats have Genlock, The 360 Video server has Genlock, so when the Nexus switches internally between Sats and 360 VS no problem no glitch, but between Sats and 360 and Internal Mpeg player big frame glitch. The easy fix if you can handle it, is use Nexus program 2 out, leave set on Mpeg1 player and use that to DA, to be house Genlock, it works no glitch, output two is not used in our case it would be for a second channel, do not confuse this with Mpeg player 2 as that is used for preview, Mpeg player 1 can play shows back to back.

Several minor problems here, The general Idea is to have all sources frame synced and Genlocked, but what of the Nexus output of Mpeg players? its straight out, so In reality a TBC/Frame sync/ Proc amp needs to be on the output on the Nexus, no problem right? Well if you think about it, some things get dual TBC’ed or synced that way on in and out! Also what happens to your Genlock on Nexus reboot? Ahhh its not good. So The Genlock needs a A/B switch for reboot, so on reboot you go to house black. Anyways supposedly according to tech support there is certain hot switch TBC you can hang on output and leave off all the input TBC’s , but though that may work, (it has not for me) that does not solve the problem of all the inputs being different colors, video, and setup level, so they need correction sync anyway…
It works great and no glitch right now, with the draw backs mentioned above that is how we are running.
We are in the mix of hooking an external 8×8 router to see how that works, why? Well first off more inputs (you really need a 16×16 but its a money thing) and second each input can be on house Genlock/TBC, the Nexus just shows up as another input.

There is several delays, One is when you go external the inputs and outputs changes, The Six inputs are now invalid, only input 1 is used, the outputs become program 2 out = preview, program 3 = what is being recorded on input 1.
This is not how it works on internal switching.
Also the unit needs to be reprogrammed with complete schedule (at least inputs and outputs change).
And lastly the unit is in use 24-7. (:
Should be Interesting.

More later,
But did you know a simultaneous switch and GPO command is a conflict? Two events at once? There is a fix and we are doing it. Next time I will talk about that.