Weeby Webhost and online Web Design


“Weebly’s WYSIWYG editing interface allows users to easily and quickly “drag and drop” content into the currently open Web page, which Weebly considers its flagship feature.[7] Consistent with this design are also a blog editor, a simple method of implementing and customizing its library of themes, and a policy of no forced advertising on even free accounts’ Web sites.[7] Pro accounts include more capabilities such as the adding of in-site audio or video content, up to 100MB uploads, up to 10 sites, favicon, removal of the Weebly footer message, advanced collaborative editing, HTML5 video playback and more; “premium” support, and advanced site statistics.[8] It has recently introduced a Collaborative Website Editing[9] which allows users to invite other users to edit their website. This function is similar to Lifeyo’s collaborating with other editors to edit on a website, with the exception that Weebly has separated how you can invite additional users to edit, with the Pro function allowing said user to allow invited users to edit only a certain part or only limited access, while the basic function gives the invited user complete control over editing your website.” (source Wiki)

I am a WordPress web design guy for a few years now and I like wordpress. This Blog is wordpress for example. That said our main site is now on weebly. When I saw the main CTN (ctnonline.net) site goto weebly, I really liked the look or theme they made, so I signed up for a free account. I found the online design works well with a few limitations.


Free for basic version, cheap for pro version, we went to pro version because we wanted to embed PDF documents like our program schedule, and we wanted multiple authors for our web blog for production.

A basic theme can be designed and exported and imported to another weebly site, so the theme can look the same on multi sites.

Easy to edit, add photo slide show, you tube videos, and some HTML as needed.

No special software needed so log in any where. Yes I know wordpress can do all this BUT not as easy IMO. And it just looks right, a clean pro look.



Backup. You can backup your site but you can not restore it. You have to open one page at a time after you unzip the file and paste contents. Its meant to transfer as static HTML files to a different host. Some things will not work that require weebly scripts to run, like flash videos, and flash picture shows.

No FTP to site.

No common storeroom for pictures and videos like in wordpress.

Can not run PHP scripts, can run Java scripts but must embed script as no storeroom for Java file.

Not many widgets.

Pages can get hard to drag around on page screen if you have a lot of pages.

No email included.

In conclusion, the pros make up for the cons as it is easy to edit and looks good. I still maintain some parts on a LAMP web server. Email, Photo Album, Public file, VOD, Search engine, Engineering blog, eas files, transmitter files and some FTP file storeroom folders.

I made some Weebly training videos here is the playlist


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