EAS – Emergency Alert Systems – Sage – TFT – Options.

Sage EAS Unit, https://www.sagealertingsystems.com/ Model – Sage Digital ENDEC.
Data Interface
• Six serial ports, DB-9, for relay panel interface, hand
held remote control, CG control, LED display,
automation, etc.
• Two USB connectors, for printer, additional storage
• Five GP inputs for automation interface, trigger of RWT
or forward of alerts on up to four stations
• Four dry contact closures for automation interface

SD composite video external Character Generators. (for crawl) Reported to work.
Chyron Codi (used)  VDS 830/840 (used) , XBOB-4 Video Information Overlay Generator (new), Video Messenger VM-3 Message Generator .(used)
Compix ChannelBrander (? needs confirmed)

Audio: (on unit)
Sage Digital ENDEC Specifications
Audio Inputs
• Six unbalanced analog EAS monitor inputs
• One AES/EBU digital audio program in /station passthrough
• One balanced stereo analog XLR program in /station
• One unbalanced low level microphone audio input
• One unbalanced analog local audio input
Audio Outputs
• One AES/EBU digital audio alert audio insert/station
• One balanced stereo analog XLR alert audio
insert/station pass-through
• One unbalanced line out – analog multi-station
interface or local audio

External switching of Audio/Video
This unit allows all subchannels to be switched to EAS channel or many channel during alert
R174A A/V Relay Panel http://www.monroe-electronics.com/CATV_PAGES/switches.htm
Part Number: R-165A http://www.go2mhz.com/SpecSheet_mhz.asp?strPagID=2229&strSolID=42

Monroe Electronics’ Model R-165A Audio/Video Relay Panel provides four, independent 2 x 1 (A/B) balanced stereo audio follow video relay switches. The switches are controlled by Monroe Electronics’ program timers, remote controls or CATV Cue Tone® receivers via contact closures or logic inputs.
Each video relay will also function as a high quality IF/RF 2 X 1 (A/B) switch, with frequency response to 950 MHz. Auxiliary relays 1 & 2 available for GPI or SAP switching. Features:

• Balanced Stereo A/V and IF/RF Switches to 950 MHz
• Contact Closure for Activation
• Front Panel Status Indicators
• All Interconnections Made at Rear Panel
• Detachable Screw Terminals for Stereo Audio
• F Connectors for Video (or IF/RF)
• Low Power Control Inputs
• Optional Redundant Power Supplies

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