HD Studio Production for WTJR 2015

Post is a work in progress.

current studio model ht10 cameras in action
current studio model ht10 cameras in action

WTJR has 3 Hitichia ht-10 1/2″ 3 CCD SD cameras setup in studio configuration that we have have been using for 20+ years. We produce on average 12 1/2 hour shows per week. We record live to tape. 90% of time. The show does not fot post production for graphics or open and close or powerpoint it is inserted live. The cameras are trucked in studio from set to set. They all have been rebuilt, some multiple times. We Paid approximately $30K for 3 cameras, including 3 CCU’s, two 30′ CCU cables per camera, 5″ B&W studio viewfinder, remote zoom and focus, 3 tripods with wheels and arms.

It is time to upgrade to HD.  Also we need tally lights and intercom like we have now, iris control, all runing on camera cables to control room.

Inexpensive setup #1 Tricaster Based System :

Panasonic AG-HMC80 Camcorder (link) $1699

VariZoom VZRock-PZFI Rocker Controller (link) $229

Aputure VS-1 V-Screen 7″ Field Monitor (link) $169

Standard Tally Light with 100′ Cable  (link) $190.00

ADD Tripods: Davis & Sanford Provista Video Tripod, FM18 Fluid Head & W3 Universal Dolly Kit (link) $173

Comprehensive 5-BNC Male to 5-BNC Male Cable –  (link) 100 ft $136

Ac power cord 80′ (link) $25

(shared Intercom) 1/3 of total price $375* see below

Price per Camera $2996 x3 = $8988


(Datavideo ITC-100 Intercom Base Station & 4-User Headset/Beltpack Kit (link) $1100)*

NewTek TriCaster 40 v2 (link) $5000

NewTek Control Surface for TriCaster 40 (link) $1995

http://tally-lights.com/    TriCaster USB Controller
Item # Controller
TriCaster USB Controller: 4 Camera

2x 24″ monitors $350

TOTAL  $18013






Cam Caddie Flashner Kit (16″) $48



NewTek TriCaster 410 (SDI)  (link) $9,995

Canon XF105 HD Professional Camcorder (SDI) (link) $2,999


Inexpensive setup #2 –  Blackmagic Studio (PENDING I AM WORKING  ON IT !  (:   )

ATEM Television Studio  $995

Black magic studio camera HD $1,995

Lens : Panasonic Lumix G X Vario PZ 45-175mm/F4.0-5.6  $379 (zoom control?)

HyperDeck Studio

Rack mount dual slot SDI and HDMI capture and playback to solid state disks.  $995 (add drives $400)

Hardware Control Panel
Complete switcher control in a compact design. $4995

 (more coming out of time right now)


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