Harris uni-coder

Harris uni-coder- Lucent wavestar model ws2-ac With EVA-162 and NIM100a cards smpte 310 output with Logic innovations tsm-2800 mux only one smpte 310 input others sdi. smpte 310 output to exciter. Contact: 222-8200 or 217-221-7529 harris- mark schlinkmen Closed captions for unit. TE500A DTV Line 21 Transcoder http://www.eegent.com/te500.htm -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The EEG DTV Line 21 … Continue reading Harris uni-coder


Sigma arc detector E2v

Hello,Suspecting the arc detector to be bad on the primary cavity I replaced it with a new one from Harris broadcasting. part#378-0180-000 $485. When I tested it the arc detector fault did not come on so I tested in a black box and it worked when examining the new and the old detector ... the … Continue reading Sigma arc detector E2v