WTJR Transmission


WTJR Transmitts using the following Equipment:


HDTV Transmitter
Main: Harris sigma CD, IOT transmitter, E2V 3100 power tube, Harris Apex exciter
Harris Sigma CD3100p1
IOT HDTV Transmitter (27.5 KW)
Apex RTAC II Exciter
Channel 32 578-584 Mhz ( Channel 16 PSIP)
Standby DTV Transmitter, Harris Ranger 500w with exciter CD1a and unicoder (1 channel)

Microwave Studio transmitter link (STL)
Microwave Radio Corporation Receiver FLR-12E
MVS-5108 QAM Demodulator BB to ASI
Avenue Ensemble Designs ASI to SMPTE 310 – 4500 MPEG card

DTV Antenna, Manufacturer ERI Model ATW27H3-HTO-32H top mount pylonUHF slot
DTV Antenna standby, channel 32, Model: Andrew AL-8 Ultra (standby)
Microwave Dish, Andrew P6-122C   6′ plus raydome

Transmission lines
Transmission line, 6 1/8″ ERI

40 sticks of MACX675B-1 ,   6 1/8″ , 75 ohm MACX line sections 20.00′ long.
The Max pressure rating for the  TRASAR antenna is (not to exceed 5 PSIG).

150′ (for STL Microwave) EW127A, HELIAX® Standard Elliptical Waveguide

Other related
Transmitter cooling system, Harris
Activepower UPS 300
Nitrogen regulator and sensor for transmission line.

RACK Equipment:
Equipment racks, three racks
TV monitors, three 14″ Television monitors
Test signal generator, Leitch SPG-1300N plus cards inside
Waveform monitor, Magni MM-400
Video Proc amp, Link PRC-970
Video/audio switcher, Kramer 4 x 1 (program)
Video switcher, 3m 10 x 1 (preview)
Audio D/A (Link)
Remote Control dialup, Moseley MRC 1620, 16 channel with modem