WTJR Master Control

WTJR Master Control
WTJR Master Control

WTJR Master Control Equipment List :

Main Switching equipment
Kramer 8×8 A/V router VS-828 (controlled by Nexus)
Link AVS 816, 16 input A/V Switcher (main program)
Leitch 16×16 Router matrix A/V
Matco M204B 22 input x3 out Automation switcher (old automation now routing)

Preview Switching
1X- Videotech 10x A/V router model RS 10A
1x- Kramer 10×1 A/V router VS-101av
Panasonic WJ-220r 6 input Video Swicher

Video Waveform monitoring
2x Magni MM-400 Waveform/vectorscope

Video Server(s):
360 systems Max
Lieghtronix Nexus Ultra (Main automation)

Test Signal Generators
Sigma CSG-365a (color bar and black system genlock)
Video Tec VITS inserter

Off the air reception
Digistream DTV (channel 32 DTV 16.1)
Coby DTV (channel 32 DTV 16.2)

Video Processing
2x Prime Image TBC II (main program)
Hotronics AP-41 TBC
Tectronix vs-210 frame sync
Prime Image TBC I
Video Iso transformer Jensen

Audio Processing
RDL ST-GCa1 Gain control amp (volume)
Boss Pro, CL50 Audio Compressor Limiter
Equalizer Optimus Brand
Kramer, Audio Distrubution, model: APM 50A
Hum elimnator box
Inline Isolation transformer

Audio monitoring
Teac MB-20 (audio meters)
Radio shack amp and speakers
2x American Audio LED audio meters

Character Generation
Chyron Codi CG
Video Data systems Model 800 (For EAS crawl only)
Scala infochannel designer (slide show) Computer

Emergency Alert system
Sage Digital EAS ENDEC alering system (plus CG listed)
3x Radios used for monitoring

Computer Systems
1. Log computer (Logging & office work)
2. Tramsmitter computer (remote control dial-up)
3. Automation computer (controls automation)
4. Infochannel computer (Bulletin board channel)
5. Nexus computer (Nexus Control)

VCR DVD and related
2x Panasonic DVCpro Recorder ajsd255
Sony Beta Player
Various DVD and DVR units.

Satellite Receivers and related
Tiernan TDR777 (main)
Tiernan TDR60 (backup)
3x Pansat 3500SD
Traxis DBS3800
Coship DV3

Satellite Dishes on studio roof 6x, 8 to 12ft

1- Kramer VM6H DA
4(+) -Kramer V/A DA’s 103 AV
Various Audio/ video DA’s

Microwave STL Studio
2x- Microwave Associates MA13BX transmitters (12.8125 GHZ)
1- Audio Program PAC
1- 6ft Andrew Microwave Dish with Raydome
50′ wave guide on 30′ tower on roof

revised 09-13-2011 Jim Wilson